About Us

Hiptwist is a luxury wedding stationery company, established in 2009 by Sarah Brown. With a background in art and design, Sarah worked in the legal profession for a number of years before a more creative industry beckoned where her eye for detail and love of all things elegant and pretty could really flourish. Wedding stationery seemed like the perfect thing, and within just a few months of being set up Hiptwist took off in a big way. Now, over six years on, we are regarded as one of the very finest stationers in the UK and we‘re always in huge demand.


From a tiny ‘elopement’ wedding in Gretna Green to a lavish reception at the Dorchester for over 350 guests and foreign dignitaries, we’ve worked on a wide variety of weddings throughout the UK and the world and we genuinely love getting involved in each and every one. The most satisfying part of our job is when we see previous customers’ names popping up on new customers’ guest lists. We know then that not only are we doing a great job, but that people are loving our stationery so much that they are asking their friends or family where it came from (as we don’t put our company details on any stationery) so they can get for their own big day!


We absolutely love creating beautiful things, and knowing that our stationery is going to be such an integral part of the biggest day of our customers’ lives is what drives us to make it absolutely perfect, every time. This starts at the very beginning of the process when we source our materials - unlike lots of stationery companies, we don’t just decorate mass produced pocketfolds, we make every single piece of stationery from scratch using the thickest and most luxurious board (some of our boards are as thick as 700gsm!). And it doesn’t stop there - from sealing the ends of ribbon so that it doesn’t fray, to hand dying our lace to produce the right shade of ‘vintage’, every little finishing touch is taken care of.


Before introducing any new collections to our range they go through a long process of research and design refinements to make sure that we continue to offer the very finest stationery on the market and that it’s totally in tune with current and upcoming wedding trends. Ultimately, we judge every new design by three criteria: Is it contemporary? Is it classy? Is it elegant? Only if it’s all three things will it become one of our collections. We’re total perfectionists.


We have a very professional approach and, as HipTwist is a full time business rather than just a hobby, we’re always available to answer any questions or queries and guide you through the ‘wedding planning’ tasks which we know can be stressful and daunting at times!


Hiptwist is based in the city of Brighton on the south coast. As well as it’s famous beach, Brighton has a distinctive cool, artistic vibe and is widely regarded to be the creative capital of the UK; we’re really proud to be part of the design industry here.


So that’s a little bit about us…we look forward to hearing from you!

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